Deep in the throes of travel and frantic with the responsibilities of relocation, I have spent most of the last week curled up in airline seats, head leaned against the windows of cabs or twisting in jet-lagged insomnia on hard hostel beds.  I am tired.  But it is a good kind of tired.  It is a tiredness that comes from large strides of personal effort and progress , of drastic life-change.  There is a special kind of stress in meeting so many new people, using a new language, and coming back to a city to live, not to visit, and it is just the kind of stress that I expected.  Right now, my blood-shot eyes are telling me to turn off this computer and get some sleep already.

So, for now, these are some of the songs that have helped ease the nervous tension that creeps up when I close my eyes, allowing me to drift off to sleep.  More actual entries to come…

So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix) by William Fitzsimmons

Feather by Little Dragon

Rock With You (M. Jackson) by Seu Jorge

Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

Holy Thursday by David Axelrod

Apartment Story by The National


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