Mi Zona: a Cursory iPhone Photo Tour of My Madrid. Part 1 Malasaña and Chueca


Ron Quemado. Rum, coffee, sugar, and fire. At the amazing Galician seafood restaurant Riveira do Miño (acroos the street from my flat).



More goodness from Riveira do Miño.
Xavi's travel companion, fallen on hard days. But still in a great neighborhood.
Some of the best co-workers one could hope for.

A Brugal & coca-cola in an ancient bar.

A groovy bar that's a little pijo, but there is a "love couch" that if sat in, results in either a make out session or marriage.
A great sandwich place with an original name.
Where I go to be in a dark place and sip on a Murphy's and think.
A cozy place, established in the 1800's, with 8€ Pilsner Urquells and a cute bartender with a pretty smile and an anacronistic hairstyle.
Burger: 2,50€, fries: 1,00€, 50's rock 'n roll: free.
Another cozy one, with great hummus and gratuitous glasses of wine. I only go here with one person.

A nice Italian pizza place where we've eaten approximately 453 times.

Good time have been had in here... And more to come.

Edward Hopper would have loved in here.
The new building for our school.
...and our building now.
The place of a few drunken memories that I remember from time to time.
Just a world-famous club across the street from our elementary school.

A nice coffee shop where you can punch away on your laptop.


Many, many good times had in here. Strange to see it in the daylight, though.

The first bar I ever went to in Madrid.  Not as trashy as it looks.  Ok, it is.


A forbidden picture taken at Bar Cock.

Required reading:

Escena Contemporánea

Somos Malasaña

Madrid Me Mata


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