In other words…

Today I’d like to share a few of the websites and blogs that I’ve been reading for general knowledge, direction and inspiration.  In no particular order, here are a few that I’ve paid attention to lately.  I’ve probably been spending an unhealthy amount of time online lately, but at least not all of it has been idle and unproductive.  These websites and blogs, each in its own way, remind me to get outside, ironically, and see something new, and escape the complacency of life.

*     *     *     *

Carl de Keyzer Photography  A great photographer who takes impossible pictures.  A place for burgeoning travel writers.

From the South Bronx to the South of Spain The blog with the tiny name, currently Val’s posts are about neither the Bronx nor the South of Spain, nonetheless they are always worth reading and usually full of great photos of her ever-changing life.

Granta The apex of creative writing for me at the moment.

A View of Madrid  Richard Morley’s always perceptive and relentless bag o’ treasures on anything Madrileño (English language).

Anthony Bourdain-No Reservations   I never tire of watching him charge around the world, with his sarcasm and critical thinking, all within the context of food.  Excellent entertainment in a TV world devoid of substance.

Sunshine and Siestas A fellow expatriate in the Iberian peninsula who writes well and sticks to thoughtful and interesting posts.

Edouard Salier  An refreshingly creative filmmaker.

Xandre Verkes A blog from South Africa full of great photography, commentary on travel and smart observations on everyday life.

Matador Network  Another place for travel writers living abroad.

Blog Sin Jamón  Emma’s often funny blog, formerly of her life in Spain, now a life in Brighton.  Another well-written blog.

Street Art Utopia  For some reason, I have an interest in really good graffiti.  Not sure where that comes from.


4 thoughts on “In other words…

  1. Ohh, that’s bizarre. When you click on my name on my post, it takes you to my murder website, not my blog. Hmmmmm, some tweaking to be done I guess!

  2. Oh my word, I’m genuinely honoured to get a mention on here! If my blog were anywhere as well-written as yours, I’d be a very happy Brightonian!

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