In other words…Pt. 2

The time has come to give a proper shout out to some more blogs and websites that I’ve been reading lately for inspiration, entertainment and cultural education.  There are, of course, more that I’ll include later.

These are in no particular order of importance, quality, or preference.

Gee, Cassandra  Her well-written blog, set in Spain, full of quality observation, local travel advice and great photographs.  If you have an aversion to subtle wit and good photography, steer clear of this one.

Siebs in Spain She’s funny, observant and an all around kick-ass writer.  

Elizabeth in España A Wisconsin girl who packed up and moved to The Basque Country. A great collection of observations of a fascinating part of the world. 

con tomates Food, poetry, great photographs, and did I mention…food? A blog from another expatriate living here in Madrid, Janel’s smart writing reminds me of the things that keep me here in this wonderful city and country.  Check out her food blog, too.

Spanish Sabores Lauren’s blog about food, she’s persuasive in her advice to “take a trip and eat something new.”  She also wins my own personal “Best Blog Title” award. 

The Expeditioner In their own words, they are ” an online travel magazine based in Brooklyn, New York, featuring travel articles and video for the avid traveler”. I’d like to write for these guys when I grow up.

Memoirs of a Food and Travel Addict  Traveler and foodie Maria Russo has written for notable publications, and this her website full of travel stories, memoir, and more great photography. Of course, you can’t visit this site without checking out its sister site Culture-ist. 

Sunshine and Siestas  From the Skyscrapers of Chicago to the Olive Groves of Southern Spain” A blog from a writer with whom I share a basic “traveling philosophy,” she writes with an obvious respect for the Spanish culture and life in Sevilla.  



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