mea maxima culpa and a creative void…

Just a quick, yet sincere apology to those of you who read this little ‘ol blog; I’m fully aware that it has been neglected.  Recently I’ve been wading through a series of small unfortunate events, each alone often being minor, but when collected, have taken a near-fatal toll on my overall ability to be inspired and creative.  It happens.  But everything ends, whether experiences good or bad, fulfilling or empty, frenzied or contemplative. So stay tuned for more (hopefully) interesting stories about Spain, self-deprecating humor, self-serving observations, and pretty pictures.  They are coming. Of the few constants in this wandering expatriate’s life, most of them thrive in my experience here and now, and this is my meager platform.

And after all, if I am not creative and observant, I am not living.


2 thoughts on “mea maxima culpa and a creative void…

  1. No pasa nada! What would blogs be if not a little neglected from time to time. Heaven knows the quality of mine suffers when I’ve got a small revolutions going on in the background of my life. Just keep it going in the new year alright!

    Yes that’s an order…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! In fact, I’ve got an article on the Canary Islands in the making at the moment. Just need to get it done.

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