Mi Zona 4: más Madriz…

Most habitants of a city regularly opt for practicality, moving with herds as stoplights and signs instruct them, their heads mostly turned down, their feet gliding in all directions.

But look around, and up, and there are moments of action and light that repeat themselves 24 hours a day.

Gran Vía por la noche.

*     *     *

Always warmer in the metro station, Pinar del Rey.

*     *     *

Lucía in Malasaña.

*     *     *

Arco de La Victoria, Moncloa.

*     *     *

Looking down the street from Plaza Mayor.

*     *     *

El faro de Moncloa.

*     *     *

El Paseo de La Castellana.

3 thoughts on “Mi Zona 4: más Madriz…

  1. took a leaf out of your notebook and did some citywandering photojaunts of my own – if you stop to take a longer look, Madrid turns out to be gorgeous in the most unexpected of its crannies.

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