Thinking of the sea…again.

For most of the year, living in the land-locked city of Madrid provides plenty to distract and pacify my inner mariner.   But as summer approaches, my thoughts invariably begin to drift in the direction of the ocean, naturally.  I still haven’t figured out if this call to the sea comes from somewhere deep inside me or from a terrible and beautiful siren.  Probably, I will never know.

In the meantime, as a little retrospective, I dug up  a few random highlights over the last few years that have been facilitated, simply, by my sailing around on a boat.

Now, the search begins for next summer’s water adventures…

HMS Mary Rose in Portsmouth, UK.
Delivering our 40-foot catamaran, Kepa II, across the Atlantic. This day was my first gale-force experience sailing.


Delivering the catamaran Willow from Port Jefferson, New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was a ridiculously comfortable trip.
One of my flotillas with Sunsail, in Croatia. This mooring was particularly difficult because of the deep water and rocky bottom.
A quiet bay on the Dalmatian coast, called Kaprije (Croatia). This was our stop every two weeks.
Off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. A long trip ahead...
No explanation necessary, except that it is required consumption in Tobago.
Some friends at the bow.
At the end of the world. Near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Sailing the Catalina 320 in San Diego Bay.
Mediterranean marine weather: 90% boring, 10% petrifying.
This is what someone pretending to know what they're doing looks like.
Club Náutico de Palma Mallorca.
An incredible sunset in Mallorca.
Waiting in the marina at Capdepera, Mallorca.
A hard-won star raft, on one of our flotillas in Croatia.

7 thoughts on “Thinking of the sea…again.

  1. Wow. I would love to sail around the coast of Cape of Good Hope. I’ve been to the Cape lookout point and spent 3 beautiful months in South Africa but sailing would be a truly different experience.
    Lovely photos.

    1. Yes, it was an experience that I won’t forget. It may be, though, less romantic than it sounds. It was one of the roughest nights sailing I’ve ever had, followed by four days of the same.
      But, overall, a great adventure.

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