Photos of a Place…

As the weather warms up, and terrazas fill, Madrid is changing with another season.  I collected a few photos of past scenes, and added few new ones…Madriz, Madriz….

El Enchufe
Gran Vía
Gran Vía, again.
Plaza Santa Ana
Plaza de Olavide
Parque Retiro
Near Calle Espiritu Santo, Malasaña
Near la Paseo de La Castellana
Vague demonstrations at Puerta del Sol
Calatrava's shimmering phallus at Plaza de Castilla

Torito in Plaza Santa Ana.
Sunset at Diego de León
La Latina
Tapas in Huertas.
Calle Fuencarral

12 thoughts on “Photos of a Place…

  1. Best of luck, I can relate to the uneasiness you feel with this living year-by-year.

    I’m doing my best to be in Madrid next year, too; next fall I want to start a masters programs in applied linguistics or teaching. A ver!! At least summer is pretty much planned–Palma take two, here we come!

  2. I’ve never seen a Retiro shot quite like that before–in fact, I had did a double-take to see if it was actually the park or not!

    So, Madrid,got you hooked–any plans to stay next year?

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I plan to stay…In fact, today I am carpet-bombing Madrid with my CV. I am uneasy, to say the least, at the moment. Todo esta en el aire….
      What about you? I assume I’ll see you in July?

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