Notes on elaborate slaughter

With yesterday’s outing to the beautiful stadium Ventas fresh in my mind, I’ve spent the day going over my own notes, trying to piece together an objective article on las corridas, or the bullfight, and it has proven to be a surprisingly stimulating challenge.  I have grown to be suspicious of my own prejudices, deeply rooted as they may be, and oftentimes what makes one uncomfortable is what one should investigate, if not confront directly.

My interests lie in the motivations and sensibilities of the “aficionados,” bizarre and unjustified as they may appear, and in a uniquely Spanish tradition that brings to the surface such diametrically opposed opinions.  There is blood, screaming, prancing men in tights, cigar smoke, swords, stifling heat, appalling apathy, and horses with blinders and coats of weaved armor.

Here are a few shots I took yesterday evening.  A beautiful beginning to true Spring and the festivals of San Isidro.

Plaza de Toros, Las Ventas, Madrid.


7 thoughts on “Notes on elaborate slaughter

  1. I feel the same. I saw my first and only Bullfight a few weeks ago in Sevilla and find myself spewing out commentary until I struck up conversation with 2 aficionados who gave me some brief background. Naturally we judge and I find myself struggling with how I feel. I think one thing that makes me “justify” or feel better about it is knowing these bulls are raised in pasture and have a good life for 4 years, have 15 minutes to fight for their life and all the meat is used. If we compare it to cruel conditions of industrialized factory farming, it paints a different picture. But clearly, bull fighting and understanding it, is much more complex!

    I look forward to your article.

  2. Since having had a professor (quite Catholic I might add) explain bull fighting to me as a tradition to remember Christ and His passion, I’ve always seen it differently.

  3. I love your second shot!!! 😀 Stunning – I’ve always wondered if I will attend a bullfight if I have the opportunity… I think it is quite vicious!!!?? But the tradition behind it is intruiging – glad you enjoyed it – although somewhat bizarre – I understand why you are curious… I am too!!! 😀 **

  4. very much looking forward to this one. never been myself, and would only be tempted to go under the influence of similar investigatory urges.

  5. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for more writing on this experience of yours. Nice pics.

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