In Other Words…Pt. 3

It’s that time again to give props to some creative and inspiring people in my virtual (and real) world.  Here goes:


*          *          *

The Cultureist Magazine   Maria and Anthony Russo’s great new publication that highlights truly unique and interesting insights on food, travel, photography, and green business.  It’s been featured in the Huffington Post, and it must be said that they gave me my first legitimate publication.

The Atlantic Cities  A website from one of my favorite magazines that provides great perspectives on city life, which I dig…  A website sharing some of the best of what Madrid has to offer. Also featured in National Geographic.

Krysalis Photography  The home of one of the best photographers I’ve known.  He captures people in a way that I can only envy.

Double Swing web series  A provocative online TV series (still in production), with clips that (so far) definitely stir interest, among other things, and hold true to the real meaning of teaser.  These guys deserve to make it big.

Spanish Sabores  A quality travel blog that specializes in the best of Spanish expat (and local) life.  Also check out Madrid Food Tour, a guided cultural tour that promises to set itself apart from the plethora of tourist traps.

Mechanismo  A great new band based in Madrid that easily sets itself apart from the sea of mediocrity that is Indie rock in Spain. Check out their new single “Still.”

World Hum   One of the best travel websites on the internet, chock-full of interesting stories and storytellers.  This one is a personal goal of mine.

Huffington Post Travel  Another great site powered by a publication that needs no introduction.  Another goal of mine.

Anglophone  A great new place to learn English from anywhere there is a computer. A progressive way of language learning without many of the restrictions of a single classroom.

The Spain Scoop A collective of experts on Spain and Spanish life, particularly from the expat point of view.  A great resource for events, cultural highlights, and personal stories.

Check out the What I Follow column to the right for more great blogs and websites!


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