Salamanca, Parte 2

IMG_5850Salamanca is a town that continues to enchant me. I have experiences there that undoubtedly are facilitated by my blind bias and sunny attitude I get when I visit, but it is, at least, a place that reminds me of the world view that I really should hold everyday.  History is everywhere, walls and pathways are ancient; there are many quiet places of contemplation (religious or not), a gorgeous river (especially at sunset and sunrise) with giant storks in their over-sized twiggy nests. Tapas are big and included with every drink.

Some complain that Salamanca is an overated tourist trap with too many hapless students in an oblivious and transient state of mind. But on a strict diet of Castellano, an inquisitive mind regarding food, and an appreciation of European history, Salmanca never disappoints.  Where else can you sip a perfect glass of Ribera del Duero (shameless plug: Pinna Fidelis rocks my world) and stroll over and walk the exact halls where Christopher Colombus groveled for funding and laid out his plans to explore the New World? And this trip was special because I was able to show my mom a bit more of Spain.

Old Salamanca through the window of Casa Lis, an art decó museum.
A rainbow over Plaza Mayor.



Sunset over the Tormes River.
A ceiling painting of the constellations and signs of the Zodiac. Fernando Gallego, late 1400’s.
From atop the bell tower (Medieval Cathedral Towers)
The Roman bridge over the Río Tormes.


My true love: Cava.


The 15-year-old in me loves this little (rare) figurine. (Lis Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Déco)
A bronze sculpture from Vienna of a moorish dancer. (Lis Museo de Art Nouveau y Art Déco)
Art Nouveau flower head dress. (Casa Lis)
Rainy in Plaza Mayor.
The Roman bridge over the Río Tormes.


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