Something’s Happening, Part 1 Istanbul

20130603-121302 p.m..jpg

The posts on this blog are usually results of travel related experiences, and most often in the setting of Spain.
This one one neither. There are many tragic, uncomfortable, or unbelievable stories of injustice that happen in the world, and they’re often glazed over because we’ve all got enough to worry about. But there are themes that must be recognized and understood, ones that are constant in our collective human experience, some happening in far off places.
I, for one, champion anyone who has the perception and balls to stifle aggressive capitalist projects that aim, however inadvertently, to sterilize or rub out anything with cultural meaning.
This blog post, from Insanlik Hali, if anything, is a refreshing attempt at spreading the word about an important local issue, and about events that have turned tragic without the notice of the people who are supposed to be informing the world.
Sound familiar?
A protest about a park in Istanbul may at first seem irrelevant to you, but I’d venture to say something similar has happened, or is about to happen, very close to you. Paying attention is the least that should be done.


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