Africa and the water

In an effort to remind myself of past travels, or at least noteworthy events, especially in a lazy, Spanish month of self-induced sedentariness, I’ve dug out a few photos of a yacht delivery from Cape Town, South Africa to Panamá. As I clean my patio for the tenth time, this has helped mitigate the mental and physical atrophy of pointless vacation.

Also, I’ve been offered an incredible writing opportunity that will take me to the other side of the globe.  Stay tuned…

A stop on a long drive to the desert, along the South African coast.
Clouds pouring over Table Mountain. Royal Cape Yacht Club, Capetown, South Africa.
The rotating tram to the top of Table Mountain (Lion’s Head in the background). Cape Town, South Africa.
Uneasy riding on an emotionally disturbed horse. (South Africa).
Rest after a desert hike.
At harbor at St. Helena, Napoleon’s place of exile.

Heading back out to sea from the island of St. Helena.
A freshly caught tuna somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.
The unglamorous sailor breakfast of fruit cocktail, granola and water. Our cleaning rags hanging to dry.
Aboard our little sailboat, doing something undoubtedly very important.

The decidedly glamorous locale of Tobago’s beaches.
Celebrating New Year’s Eve (again, somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean, in a time zone I’ve forgotten).



10 thoughts on “Africa and the water

  1. Thank you for your offerings Shawn, I have spent some time at sea but not quite in the same attitude.

  2. Your past and present adventures are envy-inducing and always beautifully reported. The secret future adventure will, I’m sure, match your (and our) expectations. I’m looking forward to the big reveal!

  3. Shawn, I love your posts. Always such a breath of fresh air. This one is no exception. Congrats on the (possible?) new adventure! I’m looking forward to reading about it.

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