Mi Zona 9, more Madrid

It seems like Madrid has been getting a lot of bad press lately, so I’ve thrown together another batch of photos of the last few weeks.  I feel better.

*     *     *

I hope you’ll follow this blog and the social media below as I head to Australia to (hurriedly) witness the Darwin Symphony Orchestra perform at Ayer’s Rock.  I’ll also be touring with SEIT Outback Australia to learn about Aboriginal rock art, Dreamtime, and sample Bush Tucker, among other things.  Thanks to Northern Territory Australia, I’ll be writing and shooting photos a-plenty as I experience a special corner of the world.

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(and more to come…)

2013-08-26 20.34.44
A fall sunset from (again) the Azotea atop the Círculo de Bellas Artes.
2013-10-01 19.43.41
An extremely HDR view of the walk home from work.
2013-09-03 18.39.27
Torito chillin’ in the new patio.
2013-10-04 22.11.59
The Grassy building, housing at least 7 of my favorite watches. Along the picturesque Gran Vía.
2013-09-29 14.21.38
An afternoon wine at El Botanico, near the Prado museum.
2013-09-25 15.51.16
Principe Pío train station, on the way home.
2013-09-21 21.41.04
A relaxing bowl of SuperBocks at Plaza Mayor.
2013-09-10 22.19.04
Glorieta de San Vicente, again on the walk home.
2013-10-01 19.47.30
El Depósito Elevado de Plaza de Castilla.
2013-08-21 20.59.55
The home of Atlético Madrid.
2013-08-21 20.11.30
A late summer day at Puente de Segovia.
2013-09-10 18.42.58
An iPhone peek at the Torres Kio, Plaza de Castilla.
2013-08-02 14.56.29
A picnic in the park at Templo de Devod.
2013-09-03 14.05.24
My little patio where I’m sitting right now.

6 thoughts on “Mi Zona 9, more Madrid

  1. Your patio is adorable! Also, I just had to chuckle at “A relaxing bowl of SuperBocks at Plaza Mayor.” Tehe.

    Have fun in Australia! Safe travels!

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