Some of 2013, Part 1

I’ve had the idea of throwing up a collection of my own photos mixed with the work of professionals that I can remember and which have left an impression on me. This may merely illustrate the banality and relative insignificance of my own life, but powerful images have an ability to inspire and contextualize, and often photography is, afterall, an exercise in objectivity. Here is part one:

Sunset on Mars. Photo credit:
2013-08-26 20.34.44
Sunset over Gran Vía, Madrid. Spring. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
A fireman gives water to a Koala in the Australian wildfires, 2009. Photo credit:
The Sydney Opera House under an orange sky during the wildfires of 2013.                       Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
Us in space from the vantage point next to Saturn (Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot).                    Photo credit
A full moon from a telescope near Ayer’s Rock, Australia. Taken with iPad through telescope.                                                   Photo Credit: Shawn Moksvold, The Cultureist.
A man rescues kittens during massive floods, followed by a worried mom. In Cuttack City India. 2011. Photo credit:
A giant Perenti lizard killed by a car. Near the border of Eastern Australia.                            Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
Turkish police use tear gas on a woman during a protest against the removal of trees in Taksim Square, Istanbul.  Photo credit: Osman Orsal / Reuters
Intermission during the Concert at Uluru, Darwin Symphony Orchestra. Ayer’s Rock Austrailia. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
File photo of entrance of the house of art collector Cornelius Gurlitt in Salzburg
The doorway of Cornelius Gurlitt’s Salzburg home, in whose Munich apartment was found hundreds of Nazi-confiscated works of art by famous masters. Info: here.
camel tour3
My ungulate during a sunrise ride in Kata-Tjuta National Park.                                            Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
A rainbow over Plaza Mayor, Salamanca. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
2013-12-09 01.04.12
Flower garden in Retiro Park, Madrid. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold


A new island created by an earthquake. Pakistan. Photo credit: Pakistan National Institute of Oceanography.
The glow of the inselberg, Ayer’s Rock (Uluru). Northern Territory, Australia. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
2013-11-09 10.46.50
Unabashed use of filters. Madrid.
Old cathedral through the filter of Art Nouveau. Salamanca. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
Giant hornets which have stung people to death in China. More info: here
A swimming pool along the beach. Tenerife. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
A break in the studio. Madrid. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold
2013-07-18 21.26.29
Under the spear of just violence. Plaza de María Pita. La Coruña, Galicia. Photo credit: Shawn Moksvold


6 thoughts on “Some of 2013, Part 1

  1. All of these are wonderful, but I especially love the two space photographs – Gives such perspective to our lives in this Universe. Good job with the compilation.

  2. Beautiful pictures! It’s a good thing you put your name in the credit line so we can tell which ones are yours! Thank you for posting.

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