Salud! Salute! Prost! Santé! Cheers! Skål! Sláinte! Будем здоровы! Saúde!

2013, a year of small celebrations…


My new favorite: The Vesper… 3 gin, 1 vodka, 1/2 Lillet Blanc, shaken. Add lemon peel twist. In a champagne coupe, of course.


Sparkling wine sipped at a furious pace in the Australian Outback. Yes, it makes sense.


Cold beer and sardines (w mojo sauce) over a cliff in Tenerife. A highlight of my year.


An excellent Ribera in Salamanca.


Cider in Cantabria.


One of many exquisite cocktails at 1862 Dry Bar.

2013-07-13 15.21.25

Possibly Spain’s best beer, at the Yacht Club in La Coruña, Galicia.

2013-07-18 00.04.37

A cool Ribera on a warm evening in La Coruña.


More cold Cava in Salamanca.


A Tanqueray Ten to top off the night. Teatriz, Madrid.

2013-09-21 21.41.04

A relaxing bowl of beers in Plaza Mayor.

2013-06-23 23.57.25

Viendo La Roja con un Rioja.

2013-06-15 14.13.16

A cold one in Malasaña.

2013-08-03 17.49.07

On the patio.


Gintonic at the historic Museo Chicote.

2013-03-18 18.01.35

A Pilsner Urquell on the terraza at El Botanico.