The Simple Decadence of Oporto


Between storms, which opened for us like the Red Sea, we walked the narrow streets of Oporto and rode a boat along the Douro. With high, steep hills crowded around the river, and humble dwellings covered in terra-cotta and beautiful tile work, Oporto surpassed our expectations and deserves another trip soon.

The view from the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the Douro river.


The sublime pleasure of real coffee and tea in any café.


On the Douro river.


The sweets and pastries of Portugal are just better.



Making the famous bolinhos de bacalhau at Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau.


Self-confessed pessimist and Portugal´s shining literary great, José Saramago. I bought my copy of “The Stone Raft” at the elegant and historical Livraria Lello.




A spicy Portuguese sheep´s cheese, with a Ruby for her and a Tawny for him.
The Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, matching the sky.



The Maria Pia bridge, designed by Gustav Eiffel. Not to be confused with the Dom Luis I bridge, which has some passing stylistic similarities, but made by Eiffel’s protegé.
Terrace culture is rich and active between rain showers.




2 thoughts on “The Simple Decadence of Oporto

  1. These photos are making me miss Porto… It’s really such a wonderful, gorgeous city.

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