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Recent photography:

National Geographic: Your Shot

Past Work:

Dear Liberals: Being Critical of Islam is Not Racism The Huffington Post (World Post) 

FC Barcelona´s Game: Mixing Politics and Sport The Huffington Post Sports

Also translated on Huffington Post Brasil:  O futebol do FC Barcelona: misturando política e esporte

Beside Australia’s Glowing Gem, A Rare Blend of Music and Culture under the Stars The Cultureist Magazine

No One in My Tree: John Lennon’s Almería The Huffington Post Travel

Elaborate Slaughter: Impressions of My First Bullfight  The Huffington Post

In El Hierro: Waiting for the Smoke to Clear The Cultureist Magazine

Decanted and Decoded: Spanish Wine in a Nutshell  The Cultureist Magazine

Photo Essay: A Stroll through Salamanca The Cultureist Magazine

Get Cultured: Madrid.  Exploring the City Like a Local The Cultureist Magazine

Mallorca’s Accidental Gems The Cultureist Magazine

1862 Dry Bar MADbudget.com

Madrid Food Tour  MADbudget.com

Winner, Fiction 101 Contest San Diego City Beat Magazine



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