Some more photos lately 2

For those of you who remember when I used to write, that person is still trying to claw out of the business of life to reflect and purvey.  In the meantime, here are some more photos from the last few weeks, a holiday break brimming with memorable moments, many of them involving clouds and signs of spring, some with the added pleasure of special people and their company.

In the near future, look for a piece on Huffington Post on this week´s processions celebrating Semana Santa.  For now, a couple links to some past articles:

Elaborate Slaughter: Early Impressions of my First Bullfight (Huffington Post)

Beside Australia´s Glowing Gem, A Rare Blend of Culture and Music Under the Stars (The Cultureist)


From atop the Gourmet Experience bar, Callao (Madrid)
From atop the Gourmet Experience bar, Callao (Madrid)
Some little treasures on the beach in Poole.


More coastal beauty. Near Poole, UK.
Spring flowers in a cemetery, Christchurch (Dorset)
Along the beach in Bournemouth, UK.
A quick view of the remains of Corfe Castle, Dorset.
Spring blossoms along the Manzanares river (Madrid).

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